I know it's been awhile since we posted news about Winter's Oasis. But we finally have it.

We're going beta 15 Feb 2011!! That's right, unless something serious happens, we're opening up 15 Feb.

Lots, and LOTS of stuff has been going on, problems fixed, wizards working their tails off (just call us stubby now ;).

We've also got a new web site, with all sorts of new things you'll like.

So be sure to mark your calenders. On 10 Feb, we will release the URL of the MU*, and the Web sites. Watch FB, and here for all details.

- Shadowwalker Wizard

News finally!

Ok, finally got Winter's Oasis news! We're back, and closer than ever to starting. We got a new server, and we're just about to beta.

Please come by to see all the new things; 8888

If you wan to use SSL, that's coming in a few days (It'll be 8802)

Facebook has a lot to show as well, maps, character pictures, the works.

I'll post links to my site in a day or so, so you can get a look at the pretty pictures :)

- Shado
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New info about Winter's Oasis

After a long "winter" of work (sorry :) The spring of Winter's Oasis is finally here, and it's now in official alpha stage. It's now open to everyone, for exploring, and minor RP. We're also asking for your help in testing, finding bugs, mistakes. Anything wrong with it. We now have an official summary of it too.

Plunged into a millenia of midnight winter, the land of Loka has known thousands of years of peace, growth, and strife ever since the defeat and imprisonment of the demon-god Dozakh Zulm. This feat was accomplished by the predecessors of the modern-day College, the Saoshyant, a gathering of deified holy warriors that spawned today's religion of the ageless tree Gaokerena. It is the Gaokerena at the heart of the Grand Castrum which has overgrown the doorway through which Zulm was banished; it is said that if ever the life-force of the tree is sapped away, it will mean the end of days.

Thousands of miles of verdant wilderness separate Mt. Alburz and the glittering Grand Castrum atop it, a vast citadel and the political and geographical center of Lokan civilization, from the icy hinterland of the White March. It's been so long since the cataclysm that no one knows anything about the world beyond the wastes; even the pirates of Advocatus Diaboli, the Advocates, haven't been able to surpass it in their flying machines. The frontier has been expanding ever since then, allowing Loka to grow beyond its boundaries with each passing decade. Many climates make up the patchwork terrain of Loka, from tropical deserts to lush forests, and dozens of bustling towns and villages populate these areas with a colorful cast of characters.

While most citizens of the country are simple farmers, merchants, and laborers, some see the invisible hand of fate in their lives and take it upon themselves to live up to their potential by attending the College, a study of occupations steeped in tradition that falls into three groups:

Viramarga ("way of the hero"), Loka's premiere paramilitary school of the arts of war, is based just outside the small town of Abhi, on the edge of the western desert, in a sprawling Bohemian complex called "Basho", after a mythical vagrant poet. Basho is a dense village of tents, shanties, and caverns carved out of the desert sandstone. Traditionally, Viramarga, and Abhi on a lesser scale, are known for the artist and poet culture of its inhabitants, who are encouraged to use their free time to sublimate their urges and anger through creative pursuits and meditation. Some of them burn off excess energy working amongst the school's modest farm, a sparse grove of banana trees that flanks the pathway leading into the desert campus.

The Disciples of Skanda are a caste of ascetic scholars and historians who reside in Cetayanti ("awakening the consciousness to knowledge"), an exotic monastery in the mountains looming over the eastern rainforests, where they groom students with latent magic abilities in the timeless ways of the Cela, Svarga's eminent magicians and acolytes of the mythical hero Skanda, the first Cela and one of the Saoshyant, the one who devised the deep magic that binds Dozakh Zulm in the lightless realm of Obscurity.

The Academy of Knowledge and Advancement is a scientific institution established in the ruins of an ancient underground fortress of iron and glass where archaeologists found a trove of mysterious artifacts which have long since been used to devise a multitude of helpful inventions, most of them used to improve the daily lives of Lokans everywhere.

Documents still are being written, a web site, twitter, and public wiki are being discussed as well. Plus we have officially about 35 - 50 actual players, and more are coming. So this is the best time to come on by and start with a promising new MU*. Winter's Oasis! Port: 8888 SSL: 8802

New Map, and info

Progress continues on the new MU*. Towns are finally starting to get an offical name finally. I (Shadowwalker) has started plans for 1 town, and two species, a white-tail deer species called "Hindvalians" (tribal, and species name), and the "Faras" which is an equine species. I'll post a short species description here as soon as I get caught up on my classwork.

In the meantime, Declan has made another map with the new towns on it.

- Shado
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New map!

We wanted to share the new map with you. It's really nice, be sure to shower DeClan with plenty of phrase and admration for it :)

- Shado

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1st REAL post

Ok, guess I should post some real news here.

Firstly, to start out. I want to announce that we have a Facebook page here. This is our official web page.

Now what's there? Well we have a current broad map, two of our wizards are also listed there too.

We spent today discussing all sorts of stuff. I'll let kelketek outline what was discussed, since he ultimately has the final say. But lets say it was very, very productive to say the least.

There is talk of a FurAffinity account starting too. Again, that'll be posted here when it's available.

Lastly, be sure to check out the profile page. I've set it up finally, with details on what this is about. If there's changes, I'll post them here.

This has the potential of being big, so we welcome new players. If your on FurryMUCK, I'm there as Shadowwalker, so is Kelketek as such. Just drop us a note if your interested in joining. If your not, and still wish too, just e-mail me at:, or

- Shado
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